Lindsey’s studio is situated in a quiet courtyard atop an old industrial-style building, sheltered from the bustle of the main boulevard. The airy loft offers 90 square meters of beautiful, light-filled, open space for practice time.

The studio is also available for rent to disciplines of a similar nature. Please contact Lindsey for further information.




102 bd de la Villette – 75010 Paris
phone: 06 69 32 14 01


  • Metro Colonel Fabien, line 2
  • Metro Belleville, line 12 and line 2 (10 minute walk)
  • Bus line 75, Stop Colonel Fabien
  • Bus Line 46, Stop Colonel Fabien
  • Bus Line 26, Stop Mathurin Moreau/S. Bolivar



  • At 102 bd de la villette, press the left arrow on the intercom until you find “Syred – Yoga”.
  • A teacher will answer your call and open the door.
  • Come up the stairs in front of you, and you will find Building E hidden at the end of the courtyard on your right.
  • Ring “Syred -Yoga”, the teacher will open the second door, the studio is on the top (third) floor, above Canaldanse. Please note there is no elevator!